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Advice for selling and buying domains online , no stress sale of domains
The hidden story which no newspaper or magazine or website tells
Many online publishers and internet users register .com domains as an investment, just like their other investment in real estate, bank fixed deposits, mutual funds and bonds, but they are often never informed about the intricacies of registering the .com domains, despite requesting the domain registrar many times for the information. The same people will provide the information to young frauds and call girls who cheat their real customer and appoint these frauds to important government jobs by giving fake references of experience which their real customer has. After some time, they find that they are subjected to identity theft attempts, as they have to pay the bills, but someone else who does not spend a single penny online will get credit for their hard earned money they spend, because the woman is glamorous, married or well connected.

Additionally, the domain investor will be put under surveillance in a very cheap attempt to frame the online exporter, resulting in loss of privacy, making it impossible to lead a normal life. Hence we are interested in selling many domains at the earliest, all offers which cover the cost of registration and renewal will be considered. Please send your offer to, we are members of major domain investor and webmaster forums, unlike the mediocre fraud lazy dishonest girlfriends of powerful officials who falsely claim to own these domains and are buying fake references of experience.

We promise a no stress sale of the domain names we have in our inventory and can provide references of our many customers all over the world, who have purchased the domains from us. The domain will be transferred to the buyer within 24 hours of receipt of the payment

please note that this domain is for sale, by paying a reasonable fee to cover the domain registration expenses. It was registered since it was available for registration, not to cause offense to anyone, please send an email to or

We accept payment by Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney and through NEFT transfer/cheque. Email address and/or bank details for making payment available on request.

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